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Sri Thanu for the Non-Spiritual

8 Feb 2019

On the beautiful West coast of the island you will find the area of Sri Thanu. Many of you who just come to party will not have any idea about this part of the island, and then also, those of you who come to Koh Phangan to involve yourself in yoga will ONLY have heard and know of this part.

Well known as the spiritual hub of the island, since the opening of yoga shalas here around 16 years ago it has grown and attracted many other spiritual teachers, centres, shops and people.

Maybe it is because of the beautifully located ‘Zen’ beach, ideally situated for sunset that attracts this type of movement, or because of the peaceful vibes and atmosphere already created by the Thai people dwelling in this area. Who knows, but now Sri Thanu is the most ‘spiritually saturated’ area of Phangan.

A lot of the island is sectioned like this actually, you have the party and social areas in the South, yoga and spirituality in the West, Diving in the North/North-West and more family oriented on the East. We guess that practically and naturally, different landscapes of Phangan are better suited for different things….but that is an article in itself.

Back to Sri-Thanu.

As it is known for its spiritual community and activities, some of you may not feel like there is a reason for you to visit. As lovely as the community is, if you are not involved in aspects of this way of life, then you may not feel comfortable to visit and indulge in the area. We’re here to encourage you otherwise…

Firstly, it’s a wonderful coastal drive into the village if you take the common route. Driving through Wok Tum you drive along the road just a few metres from the sea in Hing Kong where the mangroves dip in the ocean and fishing boats dot the view. Follow this road and you arrive in central Sri Thanu.

Because of the spiritual and conscious community of this area, as well as yoga schools being saturated here, this is also the place you will find most vegan restaurants on the island. Are you not a vegan? Oh well don’t worry, there are many other good quality restaurants in Sri Thanu suited for everyone.

Phangan Cove is situated on what some call ‘Happy Beach’ and as well as being accomodation it also has an outstanding restaurant. Further inwards you will also find places like Fellini, an Italian Restaurant, Crave Restaurant, many Thai restaurants, Taboon a middle eastern place, Belgian Beer Bar and many other culinary delights.

But don’t be nervous of trying some of those vegan-labelled restaurants, you may be pleasantly surprised with awe as some of them are pretty amazing in what they create from plant based sources, all of course cruelty free.

Although Sri Thanu is the main go-to place for yoga, this area also has a ‘normal’ gym for you to workout in. It’s called Evolve and with its open sides and being fully-equipped, it is well worth a visit if you are in to fitness.

If you don’t fancy the hippy-dippy, acoustic sesh-ed Zen beach sunsets but still want to admire one of the best locations for this daily event then just further of Zen Beach is a small Thai Bar named Golden Rock. It’s a lot more chilled, less hedonistic but still lovely, quaint, made of wood and bamboo, enjoy the same sunset as the Srithanu spiritual community but without the incense smoke or bongo drums.

There are also shops in Sri Thanu that are definitely worth a visit and unlike any others you will find on the island. Beautiful jewelry shops and clothes such as Atman Life Station and other hidden treasures if you look.

So there you have it, Sri Thanu for the Non-Spiritual, not just for yogis, holistic practitioners, tantra lovers or those seeking enlightenment. Open to the ‘normal folk’ too!!

Is there something we missed? Let us know!