Thai police set a special force to check visitors

6 Jul 2020

The Thai Royal Police announced setting up a special task force to help track down COVID-19-infected visitors as Thailand is planning to reopen to tourism.

According to a report, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) would be responsible for monitoring visitors.

The new Covid-19 Investigation Division should manage and monitor the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic when the airspace is reopened to international visitors and Thai returners.

Officers will be drawn from the Division of Thai Marine Police, Highway Police, and the Division of Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression, which usually deals with the tourist industry.

"The essence of the Covid-19 Investigation Division would include primary touristic locations and transport." police added.

The Highway Police's deputy commander said they might even set up roadside checkpoints to monitor travelers by checking their temperature and recording their destinations.
It's uncertain how strictly the authorities plan to monitor visitors while they may rely on the aid of electronic applications to some degree. 

The Branch of Tourist Police said they would also suggest the development of an electronic program to monitor the tourist movement.

He said the software would enable travelers to quickly notify the police if they need assistance and collaborate with another monitoring device, the network of Thai Chana.

Source: Bangkok Post