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Tourism and Sports Ministry expects 400 foreign visitors in early November

21 Oct 2020

The Minister of Tourism and Sports hopes to have approximately 400 international tourists in early November and expressed his belief that their confidence will not be affected by the Bangkok protest situation.

The Special Tourist VISA lasts 90 days and can be extended annually, said Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the Minister of Tourism and Sports.

Each extension is for 90 days. Before conducting a journey, foreign visitors must undergo a 14-day quarantine or strictly comply with the specified COVID-19 guidelines.

A group of Chinese nationals with special tourist visas (STV) will be the first foreign tourists to be allowed on a chartered flight to Thailand on October 20, under the conditional entry scheme for selected groups of foreigners endorsed by the Center for the Administration of the Situation of COVID-19 (CCSA).

On October 26, a more group will arrive in Phuket and more groups will gradually arrive. It is reported that “400 foreign tourists will arrive in Thailand by November 2nd".

He expressed his confidence that foreigners' trust will not be affected by the recent student demonstrations because tourists understand that Thailand does not tolerate violence.


Source: Destination Thailand News