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Phi Phi Island locals have paranoia over foreign tourism plan

10 Sep 2020

Villagers on Phi Phi Island, Krabi Province, disagree after the state has been chosen to become one of the pilot areas for foreigners to be detained in the area. The majority of the hotels are located within the community and if they open to foreigners to enter this will cause paranoia amongst locals.


A hundred per cent of the island is dependent on tourism and this is why it has been chosen as one of the pilot areas to open to foreigners. Foreigners will be detained on the island along with Phuket and Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province but residents are worried because they are not confident with the situation

The general atmosphere on Phi Phi Island at the moment is still very quiet. Many shops, restaurants and hotels are temporarily closed. 
Mrs Chanathip Meenawong, shop owner and tour operator has said she must remain closed to reduce costs 

“It is not worth the cost to be open”.

During this time she has adapted by making hawker snacks on the island instead. She agreed that if Phi Phi Island is opened to foreign tourists entering the area there will be more purchasing power but a good screening process is required”. As for the support to target and support Thai tourists to the area she sees it as being difficult.

From the meeting and discussion between entrepreneurs, community leaders and villagers, it was found that 90% disagreed with foreign tourists being able to come to the area.