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Government to list low-risk countries of Covid-19 to consider relaxing for entry

26 Oct 2020

A list of low-risk countries for the Covid-19 pandemic will be drawn up by the Ministry of Public Health, which will be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior to draw up guidelines for further easing restrictions on the entry of foreigners into the country. 

Anuchai Burapachaisri, the government spokesman, reported that the list would also be used to suggest reducing the quarantine time from the current mandatory 14 days.

The Secretary-General of the National Council for Economic and Social Development, Danucha Pichayanan, said that it was important to establish strict requirements for grant entry to foreigners. 

At a recent conference, the Centre for Economic Situation Administration reportedly discussed a proposal by the private sector to relax restrictions on the entry of overseas customers and business people, including a shorter quarantine period. 

Clearer rules on this are also drawn up jointly by the Public Health, Tourism and Sports, and International Ministries.

Source: Nation Thailand