Thai Uni supports growing of cannabis around Thailand

22 Aug 2020

The Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, campus Sakhon Nakhon will supply the Ministry of Public Health with 18,000 cannabis seeds for cannabis harvests.

"This seed donation is the university's vision for supporting traditional medicine," said yesterday Kosit Sriputhon, deputy rector of Rajamangala University during the event to hand over 18,000 seeds to members of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Thailand. 

Reportedly, the department will issue licenses to social projects and local cooperatives to plant the seeds at 150 sites near the regional offices of the ministry.

Rajamangala University is one of a few universities in Thailand which has been committed to supporting medicinal marijuana.

Mr. Kosit said that Surakiart Sathirathai, the chairman of the university and Viroj Limkhaisang, its rector, initiated the move on medicinal marijuana.

Two years ago, the university built a laboratory for academic research on the possible therapeutic uses of marijuana.

The change of direction came as a plan to reform the Narcotics Act to enable doctors, medicinal professionals, and conventional healers to cultivate cannabis for therapeutic and industrial uses was accepted by cabinet earlier this month.

A government spokeswoman said the new law, when enacted, would enable people with a prescription license, medical doctors, conventional healers, or folk healers to cultivate cannabis for medicinal care.