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Airport Rail Link asks for third fare discount extension

15 Sep 2020

The Airport Rail Link (ARL) operator has demanded that the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) approved a third extension.


Suthep Panpeng, managing director of the SRT Electrified Train Co, which operates the ARL service linking Bangkok internally with Suvarnabhumi airport, said the proposal will be submitted this month to the SRT board. The ARL Concession is owned by the SRT.


The first discount of three months of fare expired in June, before it was extended. This month is coming to a close.

The third extension of the discount would continue until the end of Dec.

The Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said, the discount has been popular with ARL users because it helps them save on commuting costs.

The discount, which has made more people to use public transport services, extends to journeys outside peak hours — from 5.30am to 7 am, from 10 am to 5 pm and from Monday to Friday to 8 pm to midnight. ARL Adult Card holders' fares are being lowered by 15-45 baht.


Since June the scheme has caused the SRT to lose an average of 350,000 baht in revenue per month. Mr Suthep said there have been no increases in prices to keep the service affordable, while the ARL has been running for about a decade.


The ARL has said its service has satisfied customers. 

The ARL service was used by about 185 million people, a number expected to grow to 200 million by year-end.