DJ's Krit Morton and Korn Varasarin from MELA Bangkok

7 Jul 2022

Krit Morton and Korn Varasarin are the creators of MELA. A creative space that puts music and art together. They aim to make the nightlife to be more than just a night out; not only the place to party but also the place to exchange and express oneself to another. With quality art and music, MELA wants to bring you a great moment to your night. 

We speak to them about how it was to have their first event after the lockdown and they describe the joy of everybody dancing. Krit was inspired to DJ after spending time in London, UK and visiting FABRIC. They now have a solid fan base in Bangkok and share beautiful music whilst combining art and interactive experiences with their MELA events.

DJ Krit Morton

Bangkok Based House, Electro, Techno DJ, organizer & founder of the collective  ‘’MELA BKK” and ‘ESC’’

The storyteller always plays on the journey of emotional, deep Electro, and Techno.

He played at all relevant Bkk events and venues, as MELA Clubnacht1st,2nd, Melanistic, Wonderfruit Festival, lots of Underground events.

And also he supported many artists like Nico Stojan, Trus’me, Eric Volta, Subb-an, Nathan Surreal, Robag Wruhme, Reyou, DJ Tennis, Stefan Goldmann, Quarion, ATA.

Korn Vasarin (MELA)

From an alternative rock band
to an electronic music career

his musical journey has come a long way through.
Kova O’ Sarin has been giving his love to the dance floor

with his simple but energetic
and emotional tracks.

gives an endless possibility on the dance floor,
and that is when the magical moments happen.

He has joined many events; such as

Wonderfruit Festival,

Tempo Live and OD – The Prodigy.

he played at many local clubs; such as
Beam, Glow, Grease, and Dark Bar.