Phanganist presents WhatDatFrog

7 Jul 2022

Whatdatfrog is a DJ specializing in scratching. He takes his music, in authentic Hip Hop Culture style, out on to the streets in Thailand and around the world performing with other artists.


DJ Whatdatfrog decided to get into Art of Scratching & Djing circa 2002 after watching Dj Spydamonkee Scratching in a school show. He fell in love with sounds created using a turntable and a record and began his journey into sound. 


DJ Whatdatfrog music inspired by Hip-hop, Funk, Reggae, Rock, R&B, and open format with Turntablist Style. 

He is a winner of the Redbull 3style Thailand 2017 championships and continues to wow audiences with his unique sounds.

Redbull 3style Thailand 2017 championships winner


  • Redbull 3Style Thailand 2017 National Champion
  • 2nd place Redbull 3Style Thailand 2016
  • 4th place DMC Team World Online 2015
  • DMC Team Thailand Champion 2009 - 2010 [Paranormal Djs )
  • Champion [ Scratch Dj Competition 2005 ) at Tha Beatlounge present Dj Shorkut live in BKK @ Club Astra
  • Semi-Final, Vestax Extravaganza Thailand Competition 2004 & 2006
  • Semi-Final, Heineken Scratch Dj #02 Competition 2002

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