Tales of Everyday Life with Graffiti Artist Zion

12 Feb 2021

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We present to you 'Zion' another Bangkok Graffiti artist involved with CHOMP's exhibition 'Graffiti Gangs Bangkok Dreams'.

How did you end up in Bangkok?

I came to work here ten years ago and I like the civilization in Bangkok, but sometimes I get bored of the chaos and turmoil here in the city

What is your background in graffiti and street art?

I started to get into graffiti for the first time in 2002, at the same time Hip hop culture became very popular in Thailand. These things became my motives and passion for the music culture of Hip hop, to encourage people to return to education and spray paint the wall.

How would you explain your style?

I use positioning a character of a comic boy wearing a lion mascot in the media to tell the tale of everyday life and the situations in Thailand and abroad.

What is your inspiration?

I am inspired by the daily life in society or new places and the situation.

You have an event at Chomp along with other artist's next year, tell us a bit about this....

I'm so honored that Professor Chayanon (graffiti name, CNPO) got in touch with me to be part ‘Bangkok sweet dreams’. I think this is good to share thoughts, feelings and ideas of different artists, and each one of them can communicate with society

What are your current projects?

The project, in the future of next year is the graffiti meeting called "Jartown" in the district of Rachaburi Province.

What do you think of the Bangkok art scene?

Nowadays, the number of people and artists who work in graffiti and street art are on the increase everyday. The new generations are interested in this career and there are many exhibitions and events of graffiti and street art. It's a good thing for artists and people who are interested to more understand and keep in touch with art.