Starving monkeys in Thailand invade homes as coronavirus threatens the availability of food

23 Sep 2020

Starving monkeys are raiding homes in Thailand after their food supply was affected by the coronavirus epidemic. 

After a big decline in visitor numbers, hundreds of starving primates started ransacking the properties around the Tum-koa-ii monastery in southern Thailand searching for something to feed. 

Terrified locals said that over the last month, the monkeys have constantly stolen food, leaving them living in terror, the Daily Star notes. 

Shocking video depicts monkeys at a monastery rummaging through garbage in pursuit of food. 

But when one of the monks offers them some scraps to squabble about, combat among the starving animals quickly erupts. 

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Kampol Kasraj, a Buddhist monk who stays in the monastery, said: "We spend more than 10,000 baht a month purchasing food for these miserable monkeys. They have caused the group a lot of trouble." 

Until the pandemic of Covid-19, visitors will visit the monastery and feed fruit and nuts to the monkeys. 

But the animals have been forced to struggle for their life after the frontier closed to foreign entrants on March 22. 

Some countries around the world have often recorded unruly behavior by monkeys. 

After assaulting a laboratory assistant near Meerut Medical College in Delhi , India, a group of monkeys snatched a batch of coronavirus blood test samples. 

Dheeraj Raj, superintendent of the Meerut Medical College, said: "They were still intact and we don't think there is any chance of leakage or proliferation." 

Monkeys have also been used to help formulate a coronavirus vaccine, but trials for a Covid-19 jab may be hampered by a crucial scarcity in the US. 

Rhesus monkeys are more widely used in scientific science, but now they are really hard to find.