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More than 70 Carrier Elephants set free because of COVID-19

20 Apr 2020

When visitors to the camp stopped coming during the Corona Virus pandemic, more than 70 elephants that normally carry tourists were set free.

Owners at Maesa Camp on March 25 removed the elephants' wooden chairs back throughout the day.

The camp includes seventy-eight elephants, which have been providing visitors rides since 1976.

In order to stop the spread of the Corona Virus to Thailand, the Thai Government ordered many businesses to shutter.

Chiang Mai has more than 90 elephant camps and reports say most of them face closer as the incoming profit blocks from the Corona pandemic.

Maesa Camp owners said it costs around $150,000 a month to care for the elephant and support its 300-person team.

To cut down on costs, the camp began growing its own vegetables, for feeding the employees.

Owners of the camp said the elephants will remain carrier-free and plan to turn their business model to education, which is excellent news.