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Agama Yoga

Agama is a true spiritual university whose core principles are centered in bringing the authentic roots of Yoga to life through courses, workshops, and retreats.

Agama courses provide full knowledge of a deep esoteric system of self-development created for those who are genuinely interested in spiritual evolution.

Our teachings are based on the genuine Indian and Tibetan tantric Yoga traditions, incorporating the proper methodology of Yoga transmission – initiation – and using a structure that highly values clarity and efficiency of the teachings, as well as proper atmosphere.


Drop-in classes:

Mon – Sat 8:30am and 16:00 Hatha Yoga

Mon, Wed, Fri  8:30am Dynamic Hatha Yoga


Join us every Monday to Saturday at 7am for guided morning meditations. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The meditations are led by experienced Agama teachers A brief introduction to the technique of the day will be given before the start of the meditation.


4 weeks intensive Hatha Yoga Retreat


A month-long retreat  combines both theory and practice of an integral style of Hatha Yoga. The course goes far beyond the mere instruction on physical postures -asanas-, guiding you through: the activation of energy centers -chakras- within your body, the incorporation of breathing -pranayama- techniques, the practice of meditation, and an immersion into the complete Yogic philosophy, collectively known as the complete Agama Yoga system.

You can join the course any time, Monday-Saturday drop-in classes available 8:30am and 16:00


Tantra workshops


Agama is known world-wide as being a leader in transmitting the teachings of traditional spiritual Tantra. Since Agama arrived on Koh Phangan in 2003, thousands upon thousands of individuals have graduated our workshops, discovering profound, life-changing, and liberating experiences. Worldwide, wherever Tantra is taught or actively practiced in a structured setting, the chances are very high that the roots trace back to Agama.

Agama’s Tantra workshops present information in a modern, step-by-step approach that is well-adapted to the Western mentality while also preserving the original mystique and richness of the teachings. Through Agama’s Tantra workshops, retreats, and teacher training courses, you will fully understand the true nature of Agama’s Tantric tradition. Printed supplemental material is provided, and the workshops are marked by many exemplifications, meditations, and initiations (energy inductions).

Learn both, theoretical and practical elements to understand how to use sexuality as a path toward spiritual realization.


Taste of Tantra

Explore basic concepts in Tantra in a condensed format

Understand how lovemaking can transform into a liberating spiritual experience

Learn skills to develop deeper, longer orgasms

Taste of Tantra invites you to explore the mystery of spiritual eroticism in this highly condensed, 2-day immersion.

This workshop, open to both singles and couples, is for those who wish to understand Tantric spirituality and experience why Tantra is a unique, life-embracing approach compared to more mainstream, ascetic, and repressive spiritual traditions. Students will learn both theoretical and practical elements to understand how to use sexuality as a spiritual path, in adherence to the most ancient tradition of Tantra. The practices are supported through the use of Hatha Yoga.


Essence of Tantra

Transform your lovemaking into a liberating spiritual experience

Explore the “life-embracing” approach of Tantric spirituality

Learn skills to develop deeper, longer orgasms


This 6-day course, open to both singles and couples, is for those who wish to explore Tantric spirituality and experience why Tantra is a unique “life-embracing” approach compared to more mainstream, ascetic and repressive spiritual traditions. Students will learn both theoretical and practical elements to understand how to use sexuality as a spiritual path, in adherence to the most ancient tradition of Tantra. The practices are supported with the use of Hatha Yoga.


Evolving Through Tantra


Overcome limiting beliefs regarding your sexuality

Channel sexual energy into an experience of transcendental love

Explore lovemaking rituals as part of sacred sexuality


This 6-day course invites you to explore the mysteries of sacred eroticism and transform your sexual life into a liberating lovemaking experience.

This course, open to singles and couples, is for everyone who wishes to explore both theoretical and practical approaches to overcoming social conditioning in relation to sex. You will use the chakra system to identify limiting beliefs (including shame, guilt, and inhibitions) regarding sexuality and take steps to move past them, paving the way for a harmonious and integrated sexuality. Discover the magic of working together with a partner to build a truly spiritual, sexual relationship.

This workshop offers:

A framework for and practice in identifying and overcoming inhibitions regarding sexuality

An exploration of male and female sexuality and sexual communication

An initiation into different erotic Tantric rituals and empowerment in their independent practice

Tools to direct sexual energy towards a spiritual practice

Hatha Yoga specifically tailored to build awareness and purify, open, and balance the chakras.


Tantra of Relationships

Combine Tantric principles and modern psychology in a novel approach to relationship

Integrate your relationship as a sincere part of your spiritual path.

Manifest your ideal partner or transform your current relationship


Relationships are an intrinsic part of life, yet we are rarely explicitly taught how to successfully cultivate and nurture them. The quest for building a connected, harmonious, and spiritual relationship is one of the greatest challenges of modern times.

Tantra of Relationships combines the best of theory and practical exercises, using various forms of learning to create an engaging, fun, and informative platform to go deeper into relationships. We will explore the intricacies of relationships and provide tools for creating a solid foundation. We will learn to cultivate a profound intimacy with our loved ones. This 6 day long workshop is for singles and couples alike, and the content is almost exclusively about relationships, focusing very little on Tantric sexuality.

Students will learn:

Knowledge and tools to benefit and support couples in relationships

Ways to replace old, unhealthy patterns with new, supportive approaches

Skills for making a relationship a sincere part of spiritual practice and a vehicle for evolution

The true nature of love

The essence of the masculine and feminine

Ways to empower each other

How to support long-lasting, deep relationships

Additional, non-traditional Tantric teachings that serve as tool to help you pass through challenges and obstacles that arise from going deeper into love, compassion, and transfiguration.

Through this synthesis of teachings derived from Yoga, Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism, and modern science, Tantric Lovers provides a comprehensive presentation accessible for the Western mindset.


Teacher Training 200h & 500h

Stand apart as the advanced, Hatha Yoga Practitioner.

Agama offers the most sought-after facilitators, practitioners, and trainers, spanning a wide range of niche areas to offer several Teacher Training options that can empower you with a unique angle to deliver Yoga to the world.


Become certified to teach the authentic Hatha Yoga system to students world-wide

Acquire a complete tool-kit to become a successful, modern Yoga instructor

Cultivate energetic clarity, personal refinement, and balanced approach to living


All participants will receive a RYT 200/ 500 HR TTC certificate at the end of the program, provided they comply with the necessary Criteria of Certification. Agama Yoga is a registered member of Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation (IYF). Certificates are extended under this authority. The Agama Teacher Training Course certification provides the ability to teach one of the most profound Yoga systems in the world with the support of international recognition in the global teaching community.


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