A Real 'Taste of Home' on Koh Tao

1 Aug 2016

Taste of Home restaurant in Koh Tao is where you want to go if you are missing some home cooked yummies.

Run by Ushi who is from Germany, she has now spent a good nine years on the island.

‘I worked in three restaurants here and made the menus, one day I asked my landlady if I could make my own restaurant and she made one for me’.

Ushi likes being in the restaurant and food industry and gives everyone a warm welcome to her place.

‘The food is inspired by European and German cooking, it’s comfort food, stuff you’re Mum would make by the hand of a German!’.

Taste of Home always serves nice big portions and you will definitely not go home feeling hungry!

Why is Koh Tao special to Ushi?
I was working on ships for many years and hotels but never in Asia. I have travelled my whole life and have now found this destination, Koh Tao has nice animals and people.

And her life philosophy?
I have my three dogs and cats so I try to be a nice person…

If you’re really hungry and want something comforting in a relaxed, friendly home vibed establishment on Koh Tao then visit Ushi at Taste of Home to fill up your bellies!