Co-working Spaces on Koh Tao

11 May 2024

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The Thai island paradise of Koh Tao is an excellent location to get away from city life and enjoy a relaxed work-life balance. The immaculately kept white sand beaches and crystal blue water are enough to entice any visitor, but it is the calm, minimalistic lifestyle that makes visitors want to remain forever. Digital nomads who have visited the island say they want to return many times. Many of them eventually decide to remain for the long haul.

The island has a few places you can work. Some are just places or cafes that have naturally become hubs for workers and others are ‘official' co-working spaces, providing you with a fantastic productive work atmosphere. Even if you are not a digital nomad, you might need a location to concentrate. Whether you're taking an online course, need to edit some pictures, or just need a relaxing environment to focus away from home.

On the whole island of Koh Tao, there is just one designated ‘official’ coworking space. Koh Tao is not yet a huge digital nomad destination since it is a secluded island that can only be reached by boat. However, as it grows in popularity, with 600,000 visits each year, it’s anticipated that additional coworking and coliving spaces will spring up in the future. There are many cafés and hotel lounges where you may connect to reliable Wi-Fi. Working from a beach bar would be fantastic as well if it weren't so distracting.

Time Zone

You are 12 hours ahead of EST in Koh Tao (13 hours during daylight savings time), therefore if you have calls to New York, you may start your working day at 9 p.m. If your company has its base in Europe then you will be 6 to 7 hours ahead of schedule. What is the Beijing Time Warp? You're just one hour behind their schedule.




Increasing networking potential

The most appealing aspect of a coworking space is the opportunity to connect and meet new people. If you work from home or in a separate office, you may be stealing the vital connections that keep the company moving ahead. Perhaps the only thing a small firm lacks is the spark that comes from being near to other active business owners.


Enhanced productivity

This is particularly true for small company owners who work from home. When we're at home, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Children need attention, the home must be cleaned or maintained, and our minds will constantly come up with new tasks. By going to a different room, you may establish a 'work mode,' which can help you be more productive.



When interacting with others and being exposed to new perspectives, coworking spaces may provide a burst of creativity. Changing locations and relocating to a new workplace may help you freshen your thoughts and consider alternate solutions to business problems.


Cooperation Opportunities

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with networking. Coworking spaces allow you to explore possibilities and take risks. Who knows where a simple chat may lead? Working in close proximity to another person facilitates cooperation. You could be hiring a new man before you realize it.



If you rent a space, you'll have to deal with a range of additional expenses, especially if your employees want treats like coffee, food, or storage. Lots of these benefits are included in the monthly cost of coworking spaces. They also have a number of built-in business tools that can help you save money in the long run. It's critical to know what characteristics you need before choosing the appropriate space for your company. Cost-efficiency may be a key benefit for small businesses pushed into excessively expensive leases.


Enhanced mobility

A varied range of coworking spaces provides very flexible contracts. If you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason, you may usually do so in a variety of ways. Checking out and seeing whether you like it is a great business service because of this. If you had a positive encounter, you're good to go. If not, cancelling your subscription would be harmless.


Co-working on Koh Tao



The only official coworking space on Koh Tao
TAO HUB is situated near Mae Haad Pier, the island's most popular tourist area and entry point. It may not be as aesthetically appealing as co-working spaces seen in major cities, but it will suffice. The space includes both working and living areas, making it a convenient all-in-one solution. Water, coffee, and ice tea are all available for free. They also offer a bike rental service, which makes getting about the island a breeze. There's also a significant emphasis on community development, with many social activities to attend, such as movie nights, lunches for the community, yoga classes, parties and competitions in ping-pong.
The area is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you may work or relax anytime you like. The main drawback is that no dedicated workstations or private office space are available. TAO HUB's greatest feature is its proximity to the beach, which is just two minutes away.

Dots Coffee

Dots Coffee advertises itself as a digital nomad coworking and meeting place. So, how does it stack up against other comparable spaces? It boasts some of the fastest internet connections in the region, if not all of them. According to speed testing, it has a download speed of over 300 Mbps, which is incredible for such a small island. The furniture, on the other hand, is neither ergonomic nor pleasant to sit for more than a few hours.
Despite this, many people remark how much they love sitting down, getting a drink, and doing some work at Dots Coffee due to the excellent internet and relaxed environment. The location is ideal for those who need to stop by and complete some tasks on the move, as well as a suitable meeting point

This Is A Book Cafe

This Is A Book is a tiny café on the Mae Haad pier's northern section. The concept behind the establishment is to sit down, have a drink, and read a book. With that in mind, it's easy to see how working might be included. The seats aren't quite office-level, but they're better than what you'll find in most cafés, and the table is also very high. You may set up your workstation by asking the staff to remove the plant from it and relocate it closer to one of the open power outlets.
You may treat yourself to sweets and beverages while you work at the café. It's a tiny, quiet space with no big distractions that might stymie work. The café is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

Indie Cafe

It's close to Sairee Beach, which is popular for its nightlife. In terms of both the interior decor and the food, it's a western-style café. It might be the perfect blend of coworking, co-living, and socializing all in one place.
A hostel, excellent familiar cuisine, and access to a rooftop lounge area are all available on-site. Because the downstairs area may become busy and noisy during peak hours, you should set up an office on the second floor. It is equipped with a standing desk, a pair of ergonomic seats, and electrical outlets.
Because Indie is used as a replacement for a coworking space, the upstairs will be silent. The main drawback is that there isn't a lot of room. 

AVA Hostel Koh Tao

The AVA Koh Tao hostel offers clean accommodations at a reasonable price. As a result, it's an excellent option for coliving and a good option for coworking. You may work from your patio table or go downstairs to the reception area, where a minibar is available.
The bar's wooden tables and chairs may not be suitable for extended periods of sitting. The tables, on the other hand, are sturdy and at a decent height for a laptop. The bar table may also be used as a standing workstation. If you need something more, the hostel is only a few meters from the beach and just across the street from the TAO HUB coworking space.


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