Koh Tao International Primary school raised funds for its Burmese community - Video

18 Jun 2020

During COVID 19 pandemic days, the Koh Tao International Primary, a Thai Children's Charity school, raised funds for free distribution of food for its Burmese migrant community as families struggled because jobs were lost and bills came in.

The Koh Tao International Primary is a nonprofit school founded on Koh Tao Island in southern Thailand by Eliza Taylor and Claire Wyndham.

Koh Tao Island is home to expat families from around the world but is also home to local Thai children and a large population of Myanmar migrant children. These children need to be educated, and they can break the cycle of poverty for their families if it is done well. Koh Tao International Primary is a mixture of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, and all receive an equal education.