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Chaiyo with Leo - Keeping your drinks cool

20 Nov 2017

The best bit about traveling is not just the stunning beaches, parties or new friends, but being able to engage with the locals and discover why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles.

Leo decided to help! Leo has created Backpackpedia (see what they did there!)

Here is the guide to partying like the locals that will help you fit in with Thai life from Day 1.

We’ve already brought you a way to meet the locals by using the fun word ‘Chaiyo’, Rod Song Taew and Kang Keng Lay so next on the list is…

Keeping your drinks cool in a ‘Kra-tik
Stunning scenery - check

Great set of mates - check

Rocking the traveller look in your Kang Keng Lay - check

Cold Leo - check

Nothing beats ending a great day at the beach or swimming in a waterfall like relaxing with an ice cold Leo. In Thailand the locals use a ‘Kra-tik’ (cooler). These are cheap to buy or rent, can be filled with ice (cheap to buy in 7/11) and easy to transport on a Rod Song Taew.

This way it is easy to celebrate the fun, watch the sunset and say Chai Yo with a Leo.

Key tips
Kra-Tik - cooler box,

Rod Song Taew are the backpackers main method of transport across the island

Chai Yo - cheers

Leo - preferred beer of the local Thai people