The Tao of Tantric Yoga - An Interview with Satyama Lasby

7 Jul 2022

We welcome Satyama Lasby to Phanganist to discuss her new book 'The Tao of Tantric Yoga' as well as her personal journey and life on Koh Phangan. Enjoy her warm, grounded energy and laughter, plus if you are on the island you can get a copy of her book delivered personally by the author herself!

Satyama Ratna Lasby is an internationally known and advanced teacher of hatha, vinyasa and tantric yoga classes and retreats and yoga teacher trainings as well as sessions, trainings and experiences in the subject of Tantra.
Taking deep learnings from the physical realms of the body she studied yoga and became a teacher first in Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2003. She began teaching Tantra in group settings in 2011.

In her extensive travels in India, Guatemala, Bali, Hawaii and Thailand, she has gained accreditation in the therapies of Thai massage, cranial sacral, lomi lomi, Swedish, Chi Nei Tsang, and Tantric massage. Her love of Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage and the Tao tradition flourished in 2013 in Chiang Mai, wherein she healed herself of the painful and chronic condition of endometriosis which she had for 15 years. She went deeper into CNT and became a trainer of the specialized massage and also learned Karsai Nei Tsang massage. 

For the past eight years, she has lived in Koh Phangan, Thailand, developing the program and leading award-winning yoga teacher training programs under Open to Bliss, her own company. She has taught over 2,000 students to be yoga teachers and also Chi Nei Tsang practitioners.
Satyama has a deep personal interest and love of the authenticity of tantra and Osho’s work. The merging of yoga and the mysticism often involved in tantric study is the topic of her new book, The Tao of Tantric Yoga. This book is to be launched this year as the development of Open to Bliss, evolves in Koh Phagnan, Thailand.
The Tao of Tantric Yoga

Open to Bliss is now specializing in Tantric Yoga Teacher Trainings with healing as a purpose and pleasure as the bonus once the healing has occurred. Satyama is currently flowing with teaching yoga classes to women with the use of the jade egg for womb health and healing of the yoni, as well as changing the limitations of society and conditioned beliefs about the innate erotic nature of woman, when not suppressed.

Satyama is known for her full-power truth delivery, ability to promote openness in others, determination and her laugther.

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The Tao of Tantric Yoga