Clean Up of Khao Ra with Kongkiat Chairat and Krongthip Thimkhokkruad

7 Jul 2022

Kongkiat Chairat and Krongthip Thimkhokkruad join us to talk about the community clean up of Khao Ra which coincidently landed on world environment/clean up day.

They are part of a team of runners and trekkers who enjoy going out into Koh Phangan's nature for exercise and enjoyment. They often clean up along the way.

They explain that it is up to each and every one of us to be responsible for cleaning up rubbish, no one will do it for you, especially if we want to keep our paradise island so beautiful.

Krongthip believes that this rubbish was not left by tourists or walkers but possibly by nearby construction workers and she aims to help educate people by showing them what they find.