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Pick up trash and inspire your community

3 May

People are becoming increasingly interested in the protection of the environment. Alarming figures and statistics of how much plastic is currently ending up in rivers and ultimately in the ocean have triggered many individuals to engage in a more conscious lifestyle. Although the production of plastic is unfortunately still increasing, the process of preferably switching to alternatives has started.

As individuals we often feel helpless. We see the problem but we are aware of the fact that we are not going to change the entire world and save our planet from drowning.

Although that might be true, there are still small steps you can take to contribute positively! Check out the Phanganist article about how to reduce your plastic footprint and becoming a more conscious traveler here!


Tim and I from Phanganist Hostel decided to become active on Koh Phangan and picked plastic, glass and other trash from polluted areas of the island. Although Koh Phangan is idyllic, the water and the beaches are clean and well taken care of, some areas like the side of the streets and the stripes behind beaches are still tainted.

The most important and effective way to keep the trash off the environment is to radically reduce the production and consumption of waste intensive products, so it would be best to stop it right at its source. Any trash you see around you though is irreversible damage so the best we can do is to remove it from nature and dispose it properly. Cleaning up is better than doing nothing! Would you like to participate actively and inspire others to do the same? Join us in Koh Phangan or get started wherever you are at the moment. We will be hosting clean ups on a regular basis at the hostel and get anyone who is interested involved!

How to prepare for your cleanup

Cleaning up is easy and does not require a lot of preparation. You can decide to start off by yourself or communicate your intention to your community. The more people join you the more trash you will be able to collect!

All you need is:

A good intention and motivation

A biodegradable bag (They are really easy to find, for example in 7/11)

If you don’t want to touch the garbage with your bare hands, you can buy a pair of reusable gloves. Protect your feet and wear shoes or flip flops while picking trash.
You can either go to a place with the pure intention to pick up garbage or incorporate the action into an activity you wanted to do anyway. Planning a hike tomorrow? Take a biodegradable bag with you and collect trash you find on the way! Want to chill at the beach all day? Take 20 minutes and fill up a bag with garbage!

Inspire others and share on Social Media

You might be able to inspire a lot of people to engage in a more conscious lifestyle and to help you clean up the environment in different ways.

Share on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook and co are perfect means of communication and can be used in inspiring and uplifting ways. When you decide to pick trash, take photos and share them in your story! Have you ever seen a picture of fries and really craved them afterwards? You can do the same to your social media community – plant a seed of conscious lifestyle!

Be seen: If you collect garbage in a place where many people can see you, it is likely that some will come and join you!

Talk about it: Talk with others and make them aware of how they can contribute. Follow the tips of how to reduce your plastic footprint as a traveler and discuss the issue with your fellow travel buddies!


At Phanganist hostel we are going to organize more clean-ups with any guests who want to join! Be part of it and join our family on Koh Phangan! Follow us on Instagram to check out what we are doing!


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