Why Thailand? with Leo

24 Oct 2019

Thailand is a dream destination for many - but why? Let's start exploring.


This reason alone may be valid enough to book a trip to Asia's paradise. Don't forget to try the different cuisines from Northern dishes to flavorful Southern ones.

Year-round sunshine! 

Although Thailand basically has only one season - summer, but hey, who doesn't love sunny beach days? 

Thai Culture!

Traveling across Thailand, you'll find yourself immersed in local culture that's unique to its own province.

Convenient hostels

You can literally find them anywhere. Best part? It's super cheap!

Variety of Landscapes

Thailand doesn't only have beautiful islands down South. Take a trip to the highest point in Chiang Mai where you'll find amazing weather and breath-taking scenery.

The Tuk Tuk

Transportation in Thailand is reasonably cheap and super budget-friendly. From Tuk Tuks, Skytrains, taxis, to motorbikes, try it all.

Exotic Fruits

Thailand is a hub for tropical fruits, some you've probably never heard of. Don't forget to check them out.


To wrap it up, Thailand is a wallet-friendly destination. You'll be able to find reasonable hostels, transportation, food, and free sight-seeing!