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Where To Go For The Most Peaceful Day On Koh Phangan

19 Nov 2019

Koh Phangan is mostly untouched lush jungle, pristine beaches, peaceful retreats, and relaxing restaurants...the party venues make up just a very small percentage of places you can go to on the island.

If what you’re looking for is a quiet place to have a peaceful day on Koh Phangan it’s a lot easier to find than it may seem.

Whether you need some quiet time because you’ve partied too much, or you’re not a party person and you only want to relax, here’s a list of places you can go:


Go to the beach! 

Many beaches around the island are quite secluded and quiet.  Every beach is different too, wherever you go - there is something special about each one.  


Chaloklum beach is one of the chill spots with a wide coastline that you can just sit and relax listening to the sound of waves washing up on the shore...or bring a frisbee and some friends to have a simple day playing games!

Paradise beach is another nice one with its soft white sand and not so many people.  There is one bar there so you can grab a cold beer or fresh fruit shake to enjoy and cool down with.  Theres also a beach volleyball court there if f you feel like to do some sports.

Mae Haad beach has many nice resorts, all with lots of sunbathing chairs, chill bars, and restaurants so you can spend the whole day lounging in the sun easy! Go for a swim, get some foods when your hungry, ad enjoy the ocean view, listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore.


Go to the waterfalls!

Over 70% of the island is nature, lush jungles and of course within them are waterfalls.

Going for a hike to have a swim in the river where the waterfalls are is one of the nicest things you can do on the island.

Paradise waterfall is a perfect spot to refresh your body and your mind and appreciate the birds chirping sounds surrounded by the beauty of mother nature.


Go to an herbal steam sauna!

Let the heat and smell of fresh herbs cleanse you from the inside out.

Gaia Nature Spa, in the area of Maduwan near to the entrance of Kao Ra, is a one of a kind venue which offers a magical atmosphere in serene nature. They use local organic herbs in their herbal steam sauna that will make your entire being melt and relax, followed by a refreshing cool-down with water from cold water tanks and a swim in their iced plunge pool. When it’s time to rehydrate, you can recover energy in their bar supplied with healthy organic drinks and snacks.

Paradiso Herbal Steam Sauna, located at the heart of Ban Tai just next door to Baan Sabai, Echo Hostel and Bubba’s cafe, is another very pleasant herbal sauna that uses steaming with unique local Thai herbs. It helps to cleanse the body, relax the muscles, and purify the mind. You can also enjoy luxurious massage treatments here right on the beach or in private rooms. Its right on the beach so when you need a break from the sauna you can relax on swings or just sit in the sand and enjoy a sunset. 



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