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Things you’ll learn from your first traveling trip to Koh Phangan

4 Jun 2019

Most people travel to broaden their minds, to learn and experience new cultures and the diversity of people around the globe and of course you will learn something specific to each place, including Koh Phangan!

So what are some of the things you’ll learn on Koh Phangan and in general when you travel…?

There is a different way of life
Here on Phangan we have ‘island time’ and it is an island way of life here, much more chilled and laid back from the cities with less rushing around. It may open your eyes to the different ways of life you could experience for yourself.

You need less stuff to be happy
Because of the fantastic people you will meet here to fill your eyes, ears and mind with new conversations and companionship you’ll realise that ‘stuff’ is not so important. You will find that you don’t wear half of the clothes in your suitcase and wish you had not packed so much, remember to enjoy the experiences not things.

Magic is real
They call Koh Phangan ‘Magic Island’ and you will soon learn why…
With its laid back hedonistic lifestyle, quartz crystal in the rocks, spiritual vibes and life-changing experiences with beautiful people you’ll believe in magic once again.

The island of Koh Phangan has so much more than parties
Phangan is famous for the Full Moon Party but is so much more than that! If you spend more than one or two days here you will be shocked at what the island offers and will understand why people choose to spend longer on the island. From breath-taking viewpoints, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and secret events, it is always worth staying longer than just to party.

Earplugs for hostel life
If you’re a young traveler then chances are that you will choose to stay in a Hostel here, this has its benefits such as being good for a budget and to meet other travelers..However, it can sometimes be difficult to sleep, even if it is not a party hostel you will have to deal with lots of different sounds that come from sharing with 5 plus people. Snoring, burping, farting, sleep talking etc...it’s all natural but you will relish popping in those ear plugs at night time to get you into that much needed deep sleep!

Cheap is not always available
One of the things a lot of travelers talk about when on Koh Phangan is how much more expensive it is compared to other parts of Thailand. This is because we are on an island, everything has to be brought here by boat which incurs more costs. Motorbike rental is also more expensive because a lot of people will drink drive and crash bikes during full moon and so vendors have to protect themselves a little more.

There is so much goodness
Traveling in general can restore your faith in humanity! You realise that there are so many good, honest amazing people in the world doing incredible things and it makes you question what the news and media feed you back in your home Country…..?

There will be people who have done more, but also those who have done less
There’s always gonna be that one guy or girl you meet who has done everything and been everywhere that people mention, just take them with a pinch of salt if they’re showing off or get the info you need from them.
Also be aware that others may be on the start of their journey so try to help them without being the “I’ve done all that 30 times and know everything” type of traveler.

Come and stay for yourself, meet other travelers and engage with people from all over the world you would not meet anywhere else. Share the wonder of Koh Phangan together!