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Rent your moped and let's go! - The best way to discover the island

19 Oct

After two weeks on this island, I am completely convinced - Koh Phangan is the dream island par excellence, the insider tip in the Gulf of Thailand.

The 10,000-strong area has so much more to offer than just the Full Moon parties.

Although it is the second largest island in Thailand, you can still see a lot in a very short time. And the best method is definitely by moped.

The ‘scooter’ seems to be the most popular means of transport in Asia.

But especially for island expeditions, the scooters are good.

There is nothing better than to let the wind blow through your hair and exploring the area.

In about 20 - 30 minutes you can cross the island, drive across the south to the northern tip, with the moped you can spend a day relaxed touring the island.


You can also see very well the differences between the different parts of the island.

Because while the south is very modern and touristy, you will find yourself in the north-west within a short time in the alternative backpacker district again. Sweet colourfully decorated beach bars, vegan Thai cooking classes and countless yoga schools complete the hippie flair here.

The interior of Koh Phangan is mostly covered by primaeval forest and jungle, which houses some impressive waterfalls. With a map, the accessible areas are easy to find.

On the coast, however, you will find countless beautiful beaches and beautiful viewpoints that give a wide view over the sea.


To all low-budget travellers: 250 baht is the standard price for a day.

You can find a wide range at the pier, where the ferries reach the island. Do not forget when calculating the price: The fuel must usually be refilled a few times. If you walk along the big streets you will find a lot of signs that advertise ‘Gasoline’. The standard price here is 40 baht for a bottle but it is better to fill up your tank at the big gasoline stations.

Especially when you travel in pairs, it is worth renting a scooter.

Finally, I can only recommend to everyone: If you want to see something of the island, grab your Vespa and see for yourself! Remember of course to wear a helmet!

Written by Livia Sarai Lergenmüller


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