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Low Budget Backpacking on Koh Phangan !!?

27 Oct 2018

Can you have a great time on Koh Phangan despite a low budget? Yes, these are the best tips to do a lot on Koh Phangan on a small amount of Baht.

In short first...

Sunset on the Zen Beach

A cool hostel to meet people

Party at Hollystone, Eden, Guy's Bar, Ban Sabai, Loi Lay Bar ...

Chill out on the beach

Waterfall Than Sadet


Thai sauna

Fruit shake and food at the night market

Banana Cake at Thongsala Walking Street

Sunset at Zen Beach on Koh Phangan

What makes Koh Phangan a truly special island? Come to Zen Beach for sunset and you'll get the answer to that question. Here you will feel the magic of Koh Phangan.

The atmosphere is indescribably great.

Musicians and artists of all kinds meet here. Music, meditation, singing, physical activity ... everything - you have to experience it yourself.

A cool hostel to meet people

Here you will find your new social environment, so I prefer as a low budget backpacker a cool hostel instead of a cheap hotel. Also important: In the hostel, the pre-party takes place in the evening and the mood is fueled, as in the Phanganist Hostel.

Chilling on the beach

A free and wonderful pleasure at the same time! Koh Phangan has so many great beaches to explore every day. so it is a perfect pastime for low budget travelers. Even if the Secret Beach is no longer secret, it is still worthwhile to make a detour to this small bay. For snorkeling is also the Mae Haad Beach recommended.

Low budget food

As a low budget backpacker, you can save a lot of money when you avoid tourist restaurants and prefer to buy real street food. I never order toast for breakfast, but prefer tasty Thai food: it is healthier, makes you fuller and costs less. Before I treat myself to a delicious fruit shake, I compare the prices. In the Food Court on Koh Phangan, you get a good Fruit Shake right in the corner!


Of course, eating at the night market or at Thongsala Walking Street is also cheaper than at the restaurant. If you meet cool people in the hostel, you can go out together and share all the dishes to get to know many new delicious things. In Thai culture, food is always shared.

Waterfall Than Sadet

An excursion to the Than Sadet waterfall is perfect for getting some exercise and discovering the beautiful nature of Koh Phangan. Important for low budget travelers - there are no entry fees. A fresh cooling is free. At the moment, the water level is very low, but at the moment the color of the rocks is clearly visible and breathtakingly beautiful.

Low budget party life

Are there any parties for low budget backpackers? Yes, luckily, Koh Phangan also has several good parties on Low Budget: Hollystone, Eden, Guy's Bar, Ban Sabai, Loi Lay Bar ... no entry fees, good music and relaxed people. Therefore, a great alternative to the Full Moon Party or Half Moon Party.

General Tips for Traveling as a Low Budget Backpacker

- Compare the prices of means of transportation

- avoid taking taxis, be nice but definitely at the price negotiation

- Compare the prices for scooter rental

- Compare the water prices in the supermarket

- Seven11 is not the cheapest supermarket, there are also big bottles of water for 9 Bath!

- Better to eat delicious Thai dishes instead of toast for breakfast: it is healthier, makes you fuller and costs less

- Stay overnight at the hostel

- You can also use the Couchsurfing app to save on the cost of accommodation, and it's also a great way to get in touch with locals.


No matter what you do, walk the streets with a smile on your face and enjoy being here on Koh Phangan.