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Discover Yourself Whilst Travelling - Koh Phangan

3 Mar 2018

Guest writer Ferhan talks about discovering yourself whilst travelling and her personal experiences...

Discovering yourself is not based on your desire actually. It naturally comes from life as a gift or lesson without your permission or consent. If you are awake enough in your daily life, you can be surprised with many interesting things about yourself.

Whilst travelling you should be more careful about these lessons because you often change your place so environment, climate, and people also change.

Thus, ‘the teacher’ has many things to give you. Just be open and awake! You will see great opportunities and potentials inside you that you can put into action. Even you can be shocked about your capabilities like you can do everything in this life. You can feed several branches already inside you via this beautiful world and nice people around you!

Travelling around is also travelling inside. And everything depends on your way of thinking. You see many things on the road and can easily notice everybody like you is living in their own world. Nobody or nothing helps us unless we allow them to do.

For example, I decided to focus on drawing and painting only after I had been open to try drawing. Before that, I had seen amazing psychedelic drawings of my friends and thought that they were very beautiful and those people are special, talented to be able to do them. I just kept myself as an outsider from drawing as if I am not capable of doing that. This is how I closed myself to discover and try something. But then, I was surprised that my mind hides several things from my conscious side.

Our brain is amazing and flexible to do everything. Now I can more easily see how my mind is working more easily via my drawings. And within time, the ‘mind’ machine develops itself in what you are doing routinely.

Writing habits are another great method to be more awake to what you are doing. Do you not feel the same like you are not captain of this, your own ship? Like so many little tiny people are working backyard. Thus, writing is like a special glass to be able to see those sweet people.

Trying to write anything. You do not need to write in a nice or good way, whatever that means, or show your writing abilities. Even one word or just some random drawings or a calculation, numbers, song name, somebody’s word (F.e i heard something very nice today ‘do not minimize your dreams, maximize your resources’) are also enough.

Please do not close yourself to possibilities via prejudices, rooted perceptions and judgements even while you are writing. You are beautiful and carry amazing things in your head so please be open to use it. Remember and check why our ancestors developed many techniques to increase mindfulness like meditation and Yoga.

So, you can be the observer of this given body-mind complex, try to know your mechanism, open to your challenges and accept your mistakes. Interestingly, science also says that your unconscious mechanism already controls many things that you yourself (conscious mind) even do not know.

While travelling, you can feel this super hidden-power inside because you change your place and your conscious mind stays too slow to adjust with these fast changes. However, your super power is working very well, and it also has access to much older data rather than your conscious mind.

As the result, travelling; I mean changing place, brings unique opportunities, and possibilities to discover yourself. You can feel deeply your abilities, weaknesses, so close to question that philosophical question ‘who am I?’ because you start to witness many different lives, interact with them and see yourself in others’ mirrors like everybody actually does.

Thus, you can learn, choose, decide and enjoy this life like everyone can. We are all the same. Who am I, I am you and you are me. We have the same mechanism, so in the same ship.