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Not your usual breed - Low Season Travelers Benefits

28 May

When you start looking into booking your holiday there are always recommended times to come to a Country. Travel agents and online forums recommend certain times of year to travelers due to the weather. In low season in the tropics you can usually guarantee that there will be either more rain or super, too hot weather than in high season.

Many people imagine that if they book a holiday or go travelling in low season that the place is going to be like a ghost town with constant monsoon rains. This isn’t the case at all.

What benefits are there to coming in low season?

If you’re like me, and you don’t enjoy queuing up and huge crowds of pre-university students wearing mandala beaded necklaces trying to push their alter egos on you, but are able to put up with a little extra rain or heat, then low season is probably for you.  

In the low season you can almost guarantee that the hotel and accommodation prices are going to be reduced. Some places are so quiet that they even close for the season.
If you want a chilled holiday at a cheaper price, or you’re coming for an activity like Yoga or Muay Thai it’s far better as there will be less people and the classes smaller.

In my opinion, the kind of people that visit the island in low season are not your usual breed of traveler. They are the people who stay here for longer periods of time regardless of the weather and other variables, and usually have some pretty interesting stories to tell.

For me personally, the reason I come in low season is because it gets colder in New Zealand where I Live at around May time, so unintentionally I come here in Low season.  

Although I have been here in high season many times, I much prefer when it’s quiet.  The only times the island gets busy in low season is when the big parties are on. So you can have a chilled one for most of it, but also go completely mental and touch the lasers a couple of times a month.

Book your stay and come find out yourself!


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