5 tips to prevent a heat stroke on hot days

12 Feb 2021

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There’s nothing better than spending a whole day at the beach enjoying the sun and the sea and just chilling with friends. But with these hot days we must take health into consideration and be careful not to expose our bodies to extreme weather conditions to the point where we might actually damage them. This is why we’ve gathered the basic tips to keep healthy during hot, sunny days on Koh Phangan.

1. Stay hydrated even if you’re not thirsty
This is the basic tip: drink water. The human body needs at least 2 L. of water daily to function; however, in hot days you must add a bit more to that since you’ll probably be losing more water than normal. Even if you don't feel thirsty, try to have two glasses of water every hour or so. Special tip: avoid sugary drinks, they’ll make you feel satisfied but they are not really good for hydration.

2. Wear light, clear clothes
While it’s important to keep your head and body covered from the sun, try to use light-coloured clothes that will reflect sunlight rather than attract it. You will see a big difference in your body temperature and you’ll stay refreshed for longer.

3. Rest
Either if you’re chilling at the beach or you´re walking around, listen to your body and do not push yourself beyond what you can handle. If you’re walking, take a break every once in a while. If you’re at the beach or pool, try to find a place away from the sun occasionally. The key is to listen to your body.

4. Eat light and fresh
What we eat is just as important as what we drink in terms of hydration. People with a diet based on fruit and vegetables need half the amount of water to stay healthy. So if you’re planning a day out in nature, make sure you pack a salad and a whole lot of fruit; your body will appreciate it. Special tip: avoid not only food that’s too spicy, but also heavy food that’s hard to digest such as meat; you don’t want to give your organism an extra task while it’s trying to keep fresh.

5. Stay clear of the sun during bad hours
While planning your day in nature, take into account that the sun and the heat are at their highest point between 11am and 4pm; so be especially careful during those hours. Remember that your body will feel the effects of the sun and the heat even if on cloudy days, which might be worst because you could be dehydrating without even noticing it.

What to be aware of
How do you know your body might be suffering from the heat? If you feel dizzy or you have a slight headache, if you feel kind of shaky or lightheaded, or if your skin feels dry and hot; these are all signs to pay attention to in order to prevent a heat stroke.

Just try to keep this in mind on your beach days; we want nothing to prevent you from having the best time on the island!