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One of the best things while travelling is the food!

9 Dec

You might miss your Nutella, your bread, your noodles from home from time to time, but sometimes it's important to get out of your comfort zone and try some new stuff. We did that and found some new favourite dishes! Today we wanna show you our top 5:

Phad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles)

This was the first thing we tried when we arrived in Thailand and it instantly became one of our favourites. It's probably the most common rice noodle dish, which is served with whisked eggs, chopped tofu, bean sprouts and if you want also meat. But the secret of the delicious taste is the flavouring. Tamarind paste, fish sauce, dried shrimps garlic, a little bit of chilli (not too much, don´t worry) and palm sugar are combined to give this dish it´s unique flavour.

Roasted Peanuts and some drops of lime juice are the dots on the i.

Massaman Curry

As soon as the first spoon of Massaman will reach your taste buds, you will forget everything else! The gentle taste of coconut milk combined with the intensity of the massaman curry paste makes a perfect sauce for ingredients like potatoes, onions, tomato, chicken meat... It is typically eaten with rice.

Green Curry

It is called like this according to its colour, caused by the green chillis in it. Green Curry is also made with coconut milk, but flavoured with another curry paste and added with Thai eggplant, other various vegetables, fish, meat or tofu. It is considered to be the mildest curry in Thai cuisine, followed by a yellow and red curry.

Som Tum (green papaya salad)

Unripe shredded papaya is the main ingredient of this fresh and savoury salad dish. Then lime, chilli, fish sauce, salt and palm sugar are meshed in a mortar to create a tasty dressing. Some additional ingredients can be tomato, carrot, dried shrimp or even rice noodles.

It's the perfect lunch for a hot day on the island, because it's not too filling, but still a proper meal.

Phad Kra Pao (basil leaf dish)
Any kind of meat – chicken, beef, pork, seafood – can be chosen for this dish. The meat is fried with Thai holy basil and garlic and served with rice. It gets its typical flavour by adding a mixture of fish and soy sauce, chilli and cane sugar.

Don't forget that you can always tell the cook to not put too much chilli if you're sensitive to spiciness. Other than that: Enjoy the versatile dishes of Thai cuisine, maybe with a cold Chang beer.

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