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Top 5 things to do on Koh Phangan

4 Jan

5 things to do during your stay on Phangan!


Start your day at a Malibu Beach. White sand, funny round-cut trees, beautiful boats. Swim to a little platform in the sea, and relax there observing the beautiful coast line.

10 minute drive and you will arrive to Mae Haad beach. Here you can rent a beach-chair, drink something cold in a bar and of course walk on the water.

The main attraction of this beach – is a small island to Koh Ma, you can cross the bay by foot.

Another 20 minute on the road and you’ll get to a yogi area and the famous Zen Beach. The atmosphere here is like nowhere else. You will see people playing music with different instruments (and you can easily join them to sing along) or dancing or doing a fire show.

But all of them a gathering here to observe the most beautiful sunset on the island.

Party like never before

Koh Phangan is famous for its moon parties. If you don’t get here for the Full Moon, you can go for all other types of moon parties. If huge dancing gatherings are not your thing – just come down to Haad Rin beach any other night but the night of the Full Moon party. There are many beach bars with great DJs that play every night. So get your toes in the sand and dance.

Chase the waterfalls

The best cure for the hangover is to get some fresh air. In the middle of the island and on the eastern side there are many beautiful waterfalls. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes because to get close you will need to hike. But after such an exercise it is very refreshing to get in the water.

Chill in a rooftop (mountain top?) bar

Koh Phangan is a mountainous island, so here are a lot of beautiful viewpoints. In the western part there are many nice bars, where you can easily spend a day – swimming in a pool, drinking coconut shakes, chilling under the sun and observing the nature around you.

Take a boat trip.

If you want to see more of the thai islands – hop on the boat. You can take a ferry to Koh Samui – a bigger island with a totally different vibe. Or go to a smaller Ko Tao, where you can snorkel along the coral reef. Or if you like more organized trips – you can buy a tour in one of the agencies ang go the Angthong National Marine Park. You will sail around 42 islands, kayak under the rocks, swim in the emerald lake and hike to the viewpoints on the Monkey island

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