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Free Gift Ideas if you’re celebrating Christmas on Koh Phangan!

20 Dec 2017

Thailand doesn’t officially celebrate Christmas but lots of its visitors do. If you still want to engage in some gift sharing then there is no need to spend lots of money, if any!

Here are some fun ideas for free presents you can share with your new or old friends whilst here on the island…

The free-est of all free things, a wonderful heartfelt hug. Some people may be feeling especially homesick at this time of year so a hug is a great way to show some love without a physical gift.

Draw a picture, painting, poem or something creative
These are sometimes the best gifts you can give and they won’t cost you anything as long as you can find some pens or use what you have lying around. A gift made by your own fair hands with your own imagination is always appreciated from a loved one.

Make a Gift Token
You still don’t want these tokens to cost you money so think of things that are free that people can cash in at whatever time or day they wish. Could be that you have to do a dare or something funny or give them a massage, cook dinner, do the housework or something nice. Use your imagination!

Give something second hand
Maybe you have some things in your home that you know someone else needs or would like, could be a piece of clothing they always compliment you on and actually you don’t wear it much anyway. It’s always nice to see things have a second lease of life with someone who will appreciate them!

Sexual Favours
Save this one for your proper boy/girlfriend rather than randoms at the hostel…

Cakes and Cooking
This will of course only be free if you have the ingredients at home but cakes are a lovely gift. Or you could invite your friends over for a nice meal either on Christmas or with a token.

We’re sure you can come up with many other free ideas, throw a party or take a nice trek all together to the waterfall. We wish you all a nice festive season on Koh Phangan!

Phanganist gift ideas also include our WISHLIST though. Not free free but cheap cheap <3 

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Happy Holidays from Phanganist.com!