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Koh Phangan Flashpacker - The High Class Hostel Revolution

30 Jun

When you think of the word ‘hostel’ this may conjure up images of wonky old bunk beds, basic amenities, cramped conditions and a shared snoring soundtrack. But it seems that this is becoming a thing of the past, left to the original backpacking hippies before your time, somewhat thankfully.

People expect more for their money now and even basic standards are of higher quality, competition is strong between hostels and so everyone needs to up their game. Travellers can now expect what used to be classed as luxuries like a swimming pool as standard, on site bar and restaurants and most importantly more comfortable sleeping conditions.

There is a general new standard of hostel around the world now and Koh Phangan is starting to catch up with some places offering a more flashpacker experience.

Travellers and tourists stay for the experience and it is becoming a new way to travel.

There are a few things you take into consideration when planning a trip, you want to see a beautiful landscape, have an element of culture, delicious food and one of the most important things is that you want to meet people from other places.

Getting yourself your own bungalow or hotel room means that your engagement with other people will be very poor, especially if you are not a 20 something beautiful girl, then of course you don’t have to worry as they will come to you. Otherwise, the chance to mingle with other people when staying so privately will be less so.

Because of this new development of people wanting to have more engagement but not wanting poor quality accommodation the flashpacking trend has been able to develop.

As an example we recently had the pleasure of meeting Betty who stayed with us at Phanganist Hostel for a couple of weeks. Previously Betty had been renting her own bungalow on another side of the island which of course she did enjoy, yet she was missing out on interacting with new people so she chose to come and stay with us here.

"The main benefit I would say is the social aspect of meeting different people from all over the world".

This was Betty’s first ever hostel experience but she chose us because of our higher standard of accommodation, although named Phanganist ‘Hostel’ we offer those extras that most flashpackers (and backpackers) expect nowadays for a more comfortable stay.

A handful of establishments are picking up on this new standard of Flashpacker accommodation on Koh Phangan and with the island becoming more well known for its beauty, attractions, healthy living and nature rather than just a ‘Party Island’ travellers now can be assured to have a luxurious stay in a hostel where they can meet like minded people from all over the world.

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