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Party Fashion and Styles for January's High Party Season

10 Jan 2019

This month is the best month for partying and celebrating on Koh Phangan! Koh Phangan does it in style.

You are here for this experience of a lifetime so don’t be shy when it comes to party style and fashion, you can go all out and as crazy as you like, like you would no where else!

You can even party in costume if you want, make your own out of cheap things you can get here or things you find, mix and match bits with people from your hostel or pick a theme for you all to stick to so you are a true squad whilst raving.

You can adorn yourself with crazy head pieces, goggles, jewelry and lots more to make sure you stick out from the crowd and turn yourself into a magical creature to match the magical setting of the island!

You can find lots of things at the 20 Baht shops on the island such as fairy wings, glasses and bits and pieces which you can stick together to create your own unique look.

If you enjoy the Trance parties here on Phangan then you’ll know they have a style all of their own and a great place to get your party gear is Moontribe Progressive Fashion. They have two shops, one in Baan Tai and the other in Thong Sala plus you can order online and get 10% off with promotion code ‘Phanganist’.

The more common style for the Full Moon Parties would of course be neon and this is everyone’s uniform of choice so get involved and go crazy! You can get your shirts, shorts and dresses pretty much everywhere and neon paint is usually supplied where you are staying!

This is your chance to shine and dress up to show your inner artist, be whoever you want to be and be ready for us to capture some incredible keepsake photos of you!