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Moontribe Progressive Fashion's New Web Shop and Exclusive Discount for our Readers!

15 Aug 2017

Moontribe Progressive Fashion is owned and managed by Sandra and Jo (aka DJ Jo Moontribe), who have been living on the Island for many years. They have two shops here on the island, one in Baan Tai and one in Thong Sala and now have just launched their webshop

Moontribe has got to be one of the most successful fashion brands on the island, how do you keep things fresh?
We try our best to keep things ‘fresh’ by adding new collections every year, we are always looking for new designers and creative designs, hence our slogan is: ‘Progressive Fashion’.

And now you have your webshop, why did you decide to make this?

Our Stores' Customers come from all over the World, many of whom ask us if we can export the products that we are selling in our shops to their home countries, so finally we decided to start our Online Store.

What does it offer?
Basically what we offer online are the same products that we sell from our two shops, but our next collection is already out online, hence offering a preview exclusivity to our online customers.

How will this benefit your customers?
Our Customers, who have already been shopping from us since the last few years, can now shop at Moontribe from the comfort of their own home since we are now able to ship Worldwide!

What has been the response so far?
Too early to say to be honest, we just launched it a couple of weeks ago, so only time will tell.

However, until we launched our website we had a ‘Shop’ on our Facebook Page which was doing quite well, now all we need is to wait until people make the switch to our website.

How will Moontribe develop over the next year?

Who knows what the future has planned for us? But one thing is for sure, we never stop looking for new designers…… Phanganist will be the first to know!

And why should people check out the webshop?!
They can find a wide variety of items from a few different Brands in a one-stop- shop online.
Now everyone can shop at Moontribe whenever and from wherever they want.

From Today until 15th September 2017, we are offering a 10% Discount to all Phanganist.com readers.

Just use Coupon Code: PHANGANIST