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Getting Ready to Party Together and Bonding Time!

9 Jul

It’s party time people and a great chance to bond with others at your hostel! Girls love a good chin wag whilst dressing up and applying make up ready for a big night of dancing and the boys can prop up the bar or get painted up themselves!

Tonight is Jungle Experience and really the best place to go crazy with your outfit! It’s a bit different to the neon Full Moon fashion, instead think tribal, unicorn, jungle, creatures and look at our photos for inspirations and have fun with it!

One of the best things about getting ready together is that you can share stuff and learn new things, whether its makeup or clothes or just the novelty of having someone else help you paint some crazy patterns on yourself!

It’s a great way to break the ice with other people and get to know the ones who you’re sharing space with plus you will look extra swanky at the party. Why not all chose a theme for your hostel, you can get lots of cheap things to accessorise with or swap and share and use what you have!

So get together with all the other lovely people at your place and get ready to party together! We look forward to your sparkly, colourful creations!

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