Phanganist Interviews Drum n Bass DJ Vivian

12 Feb 2021

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The Lovely DJ Vivian is originally from Bangkok and came to Koh Phangan last year whilst travelling.

Her friends then invited her to play DnB at Sunrise Bar in Haad Rin for the Full Moon Party before returning to Bangkok for one month and then moving here after this.

“Koh Phangan is very nice so I found a job and am staying long term. I want to bring Drum n Bass back to Koh Phangan, it has been here a long time so I try a lot to talk with Thai owners and say to them to please let it come back!”

When did you first hear dnb?
I first heard it in Bangkok, in 2010 and I would go to a lot of parties as I love DnB. I dance alone, I don’t care if no friends want to come party, I love DnB.

My friends told me that I should try out DJing. I didn’t want to be DJ as I had no basic music knowledge but I thought let’s try! Then someone listened to my music and they liked my selection and style.

I learnt in Bangkok from a friend and made a small party to play for fun and then got asked to DJ at a big party with a DnB group in Bangkok.

Is there a good Drum n Bass scene in Bangkok?
Yeah its good but it’s a small group so not big parties.

What is it like to play DnB at the famous Full Moon Party?
My first time I was afraid, I thought I wasn’t good enough. I hadn’t played to loads of people in Bangkok as it is a small group so my first Full Moon was a big party!

My style is Liquid DnB, not too heavy, so I had to learn more about music and the people there.

First I felt ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it, I was the only girl DJ’, I love DnB, I just want to play it.

How was playing Phanganist last Friday?
It was really nice, it made me think about Iain (night was a tribute to him), he loved DnB and Jungle and very fun, he was like family. I enjoyed myself, I just wanted to relax.

Where will you play next?
Next Full Moon at Sunrise, I play every full moon.

What do you do in your free time?
Go to the beach, chilling and lay down, drink beer and visit friends.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
At Sunrise they just want to test the DnB stell, I just want to make it strong there and have it all the time.

Leave us with your Music philosophy...
My style is liquid, deep and jump up, I just want people to feel happy with the music.