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A Kotch with the Kotch - Dubstep DJ at Phanganist

23 Jun

Hey Dude, so you’re back on the island! Tell when you first came and why you keep returning?
Hey guys, yes I'm back! I first came here in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the place, I was here for a year that time but the call of traveling came and I left.

I keep getting drawn back because of friends here and the lifestyle and with being in Asia for the last 5 years it's a fantastic place to come back to and chill.

What have you been up to in between?
Since my last time here, I have been teaching English in Taiwan, it's a great money earner and to keep the travelling life going it was a must.

When did you begin to DJ?
I began djing in 2006 after hearing my first Dubstep tune at the end of a huge Drum and Bass event in my hometown, Brighton UK.

What got you into the Dubstep/DnB scene?
I was always attending local raves in Brighton and Drum and Bass was the sound I related to the most, then Dubstep emerged in '04 and I fell in love.

Why this music in particular?
Dubstep for me is a passion, I'm very much into chilled music with hip hop being my biggest love, but there wasn't a dance genre that was perfect for me. When Dubstep came on the scene it was just that ideal mix of chilled slower beats, low end sub but still something you can dance too.

Tell us about ‘Bass Market’ the crew you are part of…
Bass Market are a collective of djs in a city called Tainan, Taiwan. They pride themselves on playing strictly underground music and when they heard me play, they invited me to join. I am proud to be the first foreigner to join with them as they are all Taiwanese and I played at all of their events for the last year and will continue to rep them while I travel.

Where have you played and what’s your best gigs?
I have played sets in Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, India and the U.K. and my biggest event is more of a personal one as I was also running my own night in Taiwan and I organised Goth Trad (an International DJ from Japan) from the Deep Medi Musik label, to headline the event. One of my proudest moments.

You’ll play for us at Phanganist on Friday 23rd, what will you do?
On Friday I would like to play old school ‘original style’ dubstep, it is my passion and I hope the crowd will tell and feel it the same way I do.

What would you like to achieve through music?
To be honest with you, I don't have any desires to become famous from being a DJ, for me it's about playing music I love to people, I feel that even if there is one person on the dance floor feeling it, then my job is done.

And what’s your plans for the rest of the year?
Well, I came back to Phangan this time as my fiancé has been here and we have been apart for the last 2 months. So our plans are to travel more of Asia soon before we will return to KP in August for a much longer time.

Finally, leave us with your music philosophy….
Good music needs to be felt, not heard.

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