Engage and Heal with the Frequencies with Pippi Ciez at Jungle Experience

6 Aug 2017

Hey Pippi, so are you looking forward to coming to Koh Phangan?
I am it's my first time here in Thailand so Im really excited to see what's going on here and check out the club scene as well as some amazing food.

Have you been before or what have you heard?
No, I've heard it's crazy and such a great mix of people travelling the world and embracing life.

How has 2017 been treating you?
This year's been a real eye opener I've moved from England to India back in February to teach music at I Love Music Academy and playing all new clubs and festivals this side of the world has really opened new doors for me as an artist and producer.

What have you been up to in the studio recently?
I never leave the studio Ha-ha! I'm currently working on my second 11. 11 album due out later this year on my own record labelInward Recordsand Ive been working with a lot of Indian artists and new influences to create a fresh sound.

AlsoWalking With Kingsa Duo I am part of are creating melodic Techno we have just wrapped up 3 new EPs were testing right now so constantly trying to keep my activity up as much as possible.

Whats track are you most looking forward to playing at Jungle Experience?
There are definitely several but I have to say a track up coming on my album 'Shiva'.

How do you want people to feel on the dancefloor?
I just want a connection with them being led on a journey spiritually, engaged and healed from the frequencies I'm putting out.

We heard you have recently moved to IndiaHow is the scene there?
Its so fresh and raw it's a beautiful time to be there as Techno is becoming the new sound in town and the understanding is becoming bigger by the day so exciting to be apart of that and witness it growing.

Do you have any plans to move back to Ibiza in the future?
I would not ever say no, that place has a big part of my heart but it's not in my plans as of yet.

Youre album hit no. 6 in the Electronic chart on beatport last year, what was the inspiration of the album?
I wanted to create something different, it was more an experiment than anything else, it's for Chakra Alignment and has healing tones embedded in the music to inspire meditation and help the health of the listener and soon became a sound I now swear by.

What are your main projects for the rest of the year?
My second album 11+11 is my main focus at the moment and also me and ST53 my partner at Inward are starting our own record label party to tour Europe and Asia.

What would you say to aspiring djs hoping to play around the world?
Come out of your comfort zone try new things have new experiences understand other cultures. When you want it as bad as you want to breathe nothing can stop you.

And leave us with your music philosophy....
Everything should come from the heart, should be felt not copied. There are rules out there but rules are made to be broken only then will you achieve what no one else has. Stay humble show respect and love to everybody and may your journey be a beautiful one


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