The Origins of the Koh Phangan Bucket

12 Feb 2021

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The Full Moon Party will no doubt be on your Thailand ‘Bucket List’ and you also may have heard about drinking from the buckets during this experience too!

It’s no rumour, this is how alcoholic drinks are commonly served at the full moon, bucket sized in a colourful container but meant to be shared.

It seems that those buckets you used to use to build sandcastles as a child have more than one purpose!

Let’s go to the source to find out more about the origins of the Phangan Bucket…

Drop In Bar is the original Full Moon Bar on Haad Rin Beach and our experienced sources there tell us that 18 years ago they were not selling buckets but instead were selling drinks called ‘sets’.

A Sangsom set for example was one small bottle of Sangsom, coke, red bull and a bucket of ice. Over time as the Full Moon Party got busier and busier the bar staff did not have enough time to make these sets as fast as there was demand and so they began to put all of the ingredients of the set straight into one bucket and serve!

And there the Bucket was born!

This way, backpackers attending the Full Moon Party could drink more, refill less and ultimately share with each other!

This is why they have more than one straw if you may have noticed so remember to drink with friends and not alone if you want to still enjoy the night, otherwise you may find out the hard way that these drinks are not to replace the one serving standard cup or glass for one person!

So there you have it! The origin of the famous bucket, enjoy responsibly!