A Truly Magical Jungle Experience, meet the acts...

12 Feb 2021

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Jungle Experience is one of the most amazing parties on Koh Phangan, one not to be missed!
Here we bring you a selection of tonights acts all in one place, for you to get excited over. So get your best craziest outfits ready because tonight's gonna be a smasher!!
Just click on the Artist's name for their full Phanganist article :-)


They are back!! Need we say more?! Creating amazing transformations and magic in the Jungle


One of Jungle Experience's nice but naughty Jungle Creatures.....


Naq is like part of the furniture at Jungle Experience, DJ and Promotor and general all reound helper to those in need.

SKY - Ninja 4 Rent

The ever so lovely Sky is part of 'Ninja 4 Rent'. She will be doing her acrobatic fire performance alongside the other Ninjas.


Our Chris works ever so hard he does! Go say hello to Jungle's resident Graffiti Artist.


Painting alongside her partner in paint, Christopher Thomas. Phanganist representitive Bry0!

Jef Oren

Jef has been working hard transforming areas of Jungle Experience with his painting skills, tonight he will be doing some live stuff for you too!

Chris Wright

The last but by no means least in the Star Lab Industries live painting crew, alongside Bry0 and Christopher Thomas is Chris Wright who has also played a big part in the new murals all around the venue.

ANGEL - Ninja 4 Rent

Angel is the founder of 'Ninja 4 Rent' the awesome troup of fire dancers. Catch him and the ladies doing their show!

Vera Alalykina

Vera is a super strong lady in every way. A good friend of Phanganist and a most exellent tribal, bellydance, fire fan performer!


Don't forget to look out for us!

See you in the Jungle....!!!