Christopher Thomas - Interview with an Artist

8 Jun 2015

Name: Christopher Thomas / Magic / Sirius

D.O.B.: The Summer Solstice '84

Country: Here

Gender: Dude

Occupation: Artist and Designer, Founder of Star Lab Industries


From a young age, he was creating artwork in a variety of mediums.  Growing up in the countryside not only influenced his outlook on life but also the style of his art. Fascinated by the infinite colours and organic structures that nature has to offer, much of that admiration influences his work to this day.

Ironically, it was whilst living in the countryside, that he somehow found his love for an art form that would keep him motivated for many years – Graffiti Art.  Back then, where he was living, graffiti in any form was generally frowned upon by the general public.  Yet the idea of risking everything to put your art or message in a public domain without any commercial gain or profit was something that he found really fascinating. To him it seemed like art in its rawest form.

He spent most of his teenage years practising Graffiti Art by himself as well continuing with his other painting and illustration work. Unfortunately going to a school that was very traditional in its teaching of art, his ideas of Graffiti and Abstract Art were not welcomed and resulted in him almost failing his Art A-levels. But by then he was too stubborn to turn back. He had spent the last 6 years practising unconventional art forms that truly inspired him and as an extra incentive he’d gained a few commissions from it as well.  He just couldn’t give it all up!

After taking a year out to travel and paint in Thailand, he was accepted onto a course at The University of the West of England. There he was able to meet other like-minded artists and could fully develop his own style of art.

It’s now been over 10 years since he began freelancing.  He enjoys creating many different styles of art these days. Setting up his own company has allowed him to do what he has always dreamt of doing; that is, waking up each day and getting involved in creative projects.  He's been lucky enough to travel all over the world with his art, whether it be for a commission, or for my own enjoyment.  He has created murals for the public in locations such as Thailand, Italy, Canada, Spain, Greece, America and many more places.

With the development of his design work, he has less time these days to practice Graffiti Art, yet still has much love for the movement. One of the most important values the scene taught him, is that art should be accessible to everybody, no matter what age, sex or status.  We were lucky enough to get an interview with Thomas and heres what he has to say.

What is your Koh Phangan story?
It was around 9 years ago now that I first experienced life here on Koh Phangan, and its the people, scenery, music and lifestyle that have kept me coming back ever since.

What do you feel you can bring to the Phangan scene?
As well as many other regular visitors and residents of the island, I felt an immediate affection with Koh Phangan.  Now having the opportunity to create beautiful artwork, on a beautiful island that I have always wanted to call 'my home', is something that Im very grateful for.   I am here to add to the scene more murals, artwork, live painting, design services, workshops, events, and creativity with the community of the island. 

What murals have you painted here on Phangan? 
Back in 2006, me and two other artists came to the island and painted Coral Bungalows, Zoom Club and Full Moon Bar.  We then returned in 2008 and repainted Coral Bungalows, and also painted Sunset Bar.  After the other artists had left (Big shouts to Voyder, 3Dom and Del), I stuck around for a few more months and was able to paint more murals around Coral Bungalows, as well as a Bike shop, a bucket stall, several arms and legs, and anywhere I could find!  Since returning in March of this year, I have completed a 6 week project at Ringside Bar in Ban Tai, consisting of 5 large murals and 4 themed bedrooms.  And most recently I painted a mural outside Shenanigans in Had Rin.

What is Star Lab Industries
Star Lab Industries is my company.  Services that I provide involve large scale murals, interior design, canvas work, graphic design, live painting, clothing and furniture

How many people are involved in this project? 
Most of the past projects that I have completed have been created by just myself.  Now that I am expanding my business to Asia, I am now looking for more Artists, Designers, and creative types to join me on some bigger projects.