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Phangan Party Girl Qcumber!

13 Sep 2015

Qcumbr is originally from the North of Thailand, Lamphun. She first came to Koh Phangan a long time ago in 2010 to see the Full Moon party. After she had finished university Q went to live in india and learnt about clothes design with a tailor, and discovered she loved art, any kind of art. Q uses India as a place to practice her designing and art but got recommended by friends in India that Phangan was the best place to be in Thailand, Q had only known about Phangan through the Full Moon. So in 2013 Q decided to do something with her life and start selling her work in Phangan, living here for half of the year then India the other half.

Firstly tell us about  your involvement with Jungle Experience….
I got to know a few of the Jungle team, I started modelling and dancing there as one of the male dancers saw my work at my house and said it may be good to join in. He took me to see the Alien Sisters and I started to help them in April 2014, it was fun and enjoyable so they asked me to come again and help. I got to know Oliver the hairdresser and Georgia who runs the whole thing so we all became one team. I love helping with the art, I have a theme each time.

What do you like about dancing at jungle?
I love music. It is more creative, it’s not just dancing, you can express your inspiration to people, let them know that the world is not boring, you can spread the energy and brush your colour onto people. You have the freedom to dress up crazy, like characters from fairytales. It is so fun and limitless. You can share everything with many people, there is so much inspiration.

What do you do in your free time on Koh Phangan?
I have my routine for the morning, I do yoga in the morning with my boyfriend and I have a rule that we have to swim and go into nature! Most of my free time I work on my art, I find it so much fun, learning computer art and website design.

Where are your favourite places on Phangan?
I really like bottle beach although you have to walk for two hours or spend 100 baht on a boat. It is a nice walk, trekking in the forest then jumping in the water and chilling there. I enjoy every place, the coconut trees, music, friends and the ocean.

Do you miss India when you are here?
It is different, in India I live in a mountain area, there life is more easy, more relaxing with lots of nature to get in touch with myself. Where as here I express the inspiration I have gathered in India.

What is your life philosophy?
Enjoy life and live to the full of life, do whatever you like and break free of any judgement from others, when you do this your creative heart will explode, so just enjoy.

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