Things to do this Full Moon week on Koh Phangan March 3 - 8

2 Mar 2020

Here's your weekly update on what to do this week! Go out and explore and enjoy the beauty, get involved in activities and check out the parties running throughout the week and month!
Prepare for your events with packages or booking in good time!

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You can even go on your own overnight adventure to Angthong Marine Park!

Monday 2nd March
Loi Lay Floatin Bar with 
Foolik & Pauli Pocket

You are always welcome to spend the day chilling by the pool at Phanganist hostel enjoying a relaxed atmosphere while maybe arranging for your next days. 

What about some diving this week?  Koh Phangan is one of the cheapest places to learn to dive and the island is located close to some beautiful dive sites including Sail Rock where you may even get to see a Whale Shark! Arrange your diving trips for the next week with us!

Tuesday 3rd March
Come with us on a boat trip to Angthong Marine park! Snorkelling and kayaking among 42 tropical islands, swim in the Emerald Lake and hike on Monkey Island to all the viewpoints!

A splendid boat tour around 42 tropical islands.  You have the option to spend the night on one of the islands in a tent or one out of the six bungalows available there. with a Pick up next day at 3pm! Do not miss this amazing one in a lifetime experience!!

Wednesday 4th March
Addict Forest Club

Try out the islands most popular offers, Muay Thai Boxing or Kite Surfing!

Koh Phangan is becoming increasingly more popular as a destination for travellers to come and learn the art of Muay Thai, it's airy outdoor gyms and highly educated teachers are a big attraction for many. Once you have finished training for the day you can go to the beautiful beaches, the jungle or even to a party which you cannot do on the mainland.

Try out a Kite Surfing or Muay Thai class on the island or commit to a full course. 

Thursday 5th March
Maya Party!

If you are not already staying with us, then come over for a fun and super social time at Phanganist Hostel!
Everything is easily reached from Phanganist Hostel and Headquarters. We have pushed the standard of dormitory to a all new high, offering guests clean quality AC rooms with bed separation, privacy curtain, light and power outlet and big lockers, so you can kick back and relax in the privacy of your own bunk.  You will have the world of this magical island at your feet here and we are so more than just a place to stay.

Think about a fun trip Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Discover the colorful coral reef at Koh Nang Yuan and Sairee bays. Explore Koh Nangyuan and a short walk up to the world-famous viewpoint. 

Maybe a hike roundabout all the waterfalls of Koh Phangan?

Friday 6th March
Waterfall Party!

Rent a car and see the island in comfort with a group of friends or family! Put on some music and enjoy travelling in a bit more comfort and safer and easier than renting a moped. Our cars can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.
In a car it is much easier to go over the Haad Rin hills then we recommend that you take the boat over to one of the 3 amazing beaches just around the corner!
Had Yuan, Had Tien, Why Nam! Had Tien for a weekend trip? Lots of beautiful unique resorts on these beaches! A must do weekend trip!!

Before you leave for your weekend give a hand with the beach clean every Friday!


Saturday 7th March
Jungle Experience

Take a day around Phangan and see the temples! The intriguing and interesting exhibition not to be missed at the Wat Samai Khongka! Go to ring the big Chinese Bell that brings you luck for the next year in the Chinese Temple on the way to Chaloklam. 

Check out Thong Sala Walking Street market from 4 pm to 9 pm. You can find the street if you drive towards Thong Sala and instead of turning right after Homemart you continue straight forward, on a Saturday it is easy to spot as the road is sectioned off and many motorbikes are parked around the entrance.

It is an eclectic market place where you can find exactly what you need or go without any intentions to just wander around and see what takes your fancy whilst snacking on local delicacies.

Sunday 8th March
Lovely lazy Sundays on Koh Phangan!
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