Special Guest Foolik & Pauli Pocket @Loi Lay - Monday, March 2nd

2 Mar 21:00

Loi Lay

⚓️ Embark every Sunday on our electronic ship in the heart of the fishing village of Ban Tai.

At Loi Lay, we love to spice up your Sunday night and feed your soul with musical discovery, which is why we strive to the maximum to bring new sounds from all around the world.

Come lose yourself, find yourself, throw yourself and sway, be yourself and let the music punctuate your night in the tropics of this enchanted island.

Let's welcome our special guest...

🎧 Foolik 🎧
Kater Blau

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany.
Foolik has over a decade experience in bringing his kinetic and bouncy sounds to global audiences. He is known as the karate kid chopping through the wood of worldwide dance floors at roughly 120-124 beats per minute. His punchy and beefy take on everything house and techno is highly appreciated by a dedicated raver following.
Being a true Berliner, he drinks battery acid for breakfast and spits it out in musical form. Often making the hips of his crowds wobble and heave. His energising presence and in your face mentality has won over many crowds. His sound is adaptable and matches the place and time of the occasion. He plays a mix of propulsive deep house and tech-house. But there is always room for melody and groove.
Since joining Sisyphos in 2012, he has made his mark in the scene and now professionally collects frequent flyer miles. He loves to share the decks with his regular playing partners Pauli Pocket and Leon Licht. Ping ponging of each others energy to bring blissful moments to hordes of ravers.
Meanwhile, he can be found working in the studio shaping his production skills. His new life as a studio tiger has been fruitful. With a split release on KaterMukke with Daniel Jaeger & Pauli Pocket. A modern slice of muscular tech-house that got amplifiers working overtime in clubs across Europe. The future will see more of his work being released.

⚓️ Pauli Pocket ⚓️
Kater Blau

A couple of years ago Pauli Pocket was still pulling her records out of a plastic shopping bag with which she brought the dance floor in motion. 
Money can buy you a record case but not the right attitude!
In the meantime she’s cleaned the slate and rearranged her medium. Digital feels good. And her clean, bouncy upwards drive will outplay us all in the end!

and welcome back..

🎧 Chris Burstein 🎧

After almost a decade producing & playing around the globe, Christ, has become a synonym of innovation, Impermanence as a concept that sums up his philosophy on what he does & why. Head of Rural Records alongside Sascha Cawa (Kattermuke´s co-founder) He is one of the Berlin “new wave” of producers, playing regularly at Katerblau, Sisyphos, Golden Gate, Chalet and constant tours around Asia & Latin America.
He shared the stage with acts like Seth Troxler, M.A.N.D.Y., Patrick Chardronnet, Tube & Berger, Art Department, Marcus Meinhardt, Dj. T, Luna City Express, Till Von Sein, just to name a few.
You won´t find a straight line road on his sets but more of an invitation to a ride through Up´s, Down´s, hypnotic and other chances to express that exchange and flow of energy.
Alongside Manuel Sahagun, they created “Los Cabra”, Getting worldwide attention after their debut on the mythic BAR 25 RECORDS (Gualeguay ep) and Rey & Kjavik – Mamukte remix (alongside Sascha Cawa) at RKJVK. 
With exciting releases coming before the end of 2018 on Get Physical, Culprit, Sudam, Cacao, Paralell and Rural among others, we can already see that this year it will be promising!


#  From 9pm until the morning 
#  FREE b4 10pm 
#  After 400฿ 

Where to find us📍
Ban Tai Pier
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Located at the pier in the middle of the two main port towns
Thongsala and Had Rin

Thongsala < ➖➖➖➖> Ban Tai pier < Haadrin