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Low Budget Partying on Koh Phangan

21 Oct 2018

Famous and notorious on Koh Phangan are both the Full Moon Party and Half Moon Party, but where do you go when the moon is neither half nor full? Is there a party life for low budget travellers? Yes, luckily you can take on Koh Phangan even with a low budget and experience good parties! Here is an overview for you:

Party life on Koh Phangan with a low budget:

Hollystone - best atmosphere and cool crowd
The location is not on the beach, but on a small lake with views of mountains. That alone is an idyll. The site is reminiscent of a small cosy festival. In addition to a fire show, there are also small stalls with grilled food, a bar, campfire and much more... A really laid-back atmosphere awaits you here, so it's just the right address for you on a Saturday night.

Really good electronic music, just good vibes and relaxed people in a hippie style. If you need a little dance break, sit on the dock, chill on a boat, or enjoy the campfire. To celebrate a Saturday on Koh Phangan it is definitely worthwhile.

Loi Lay Floating Bar
You're on Koh Phangan, it's Sunday, you feel like going dancing. But where? The answer is Loi Lay. Alone, the way to this location is worth a visit. The boardwalk offers a magnificent view of the beleaguered neighbouring island. Of course, the houseboat built on stilts also has a floating bar. Sunday night in the harbour of Ban Tai is definitely a good idea, especially since here are European DJs starting from 9 pm playing really good electronic music. Our tip for low-budget travellers: Admission is free until 10 pm, then it costs 300 baht.

Party in Ban Sabai
This location is right on the beach, the decoration is indeed impressive, lying in the hammock and enjoying all the neon colours is fun. The outdoor area invites you to chill out, the bar is large, so no long waiting times, the dance floor offers enough space to celebrate. If you need a cool-down from excessive dancing to psytrance music, then take a dip in the sea. Entrance fee is FREE!

If the purse is not so empty, there are parties like Black Moon Party, Shiva Moon Party and all the rest!
From Techno, House and Minimal to Drum & Bass. Even psytrance friends will get their money's worth, also a direction of electronic music and a subgenre of trance music.

Here is the information regarding the prices:

How much is the Full Moon Party?
Although the Full Moon Party costs only 100 Baht Admission, all accommodation is more expensive at this time.

How much is the Half Moon Party?
The Half Moon Party costs 1500 Bath, is very professional in terms of decoration and light show, thanks to the 4 stages there are also different sounds depending on the taste of music or mood.

No matter where you go, celebrate!