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How To Manage A Festival Lifestyle On Koh Phangan

2 Oct 2019

In Koh Phangan you can party every single day if you want to.  Of course, it may be difficult to manage! But say you want to party or go to a festival a couple of days a week and then carry on with other life things the rest of your days.  How do you do that without feeling tired or unmotivated? It’s hard when you go out and have the time of your life, then you have to go back to doing work and chores. It can be disorienting, physically and emotionally.  However, to be able to do it all, party and get things done, it is important to develop a normal routine outside the festival bubble.  

Here are a few simple lifestyle habits to follow which can help you sustain a healthy festival lifestyle and keep you feeling energized and level headed switching from party mode to work mode:


Exercise regularly and get really sweaty, even if you don’t want to!

The more you sweat the better because that means more toxins are leaving your body.  That’s what you need to keep your body fresh.  You can run on the beach, go to the park and use the free exercise equipment, or go to the gym.  Doesn’t matter where or how you feel like doing it, just make sure you do it three to five days a week. Keeping your body strong will mean you can do more all around.



Of course, when you party you don’t sleep.  Which means the rest of the time you have to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night to catch up.  It’s like pressing the reset button. When you sleep your body repairs itself and this is very important to stay in the best strongest condition possible. 


Eat Well!

A good diet full of nutritious foods is like filling yourself up with all the molecules you need to be running at full capacity.  Your body is a machine and food is the oil - good quality and it will run smoothly, without a problem, and last for a really long time in perfect condition.  Don’t eat junk food because it is all empty molecules, meaning it won’t convert into wonderful energy-giving, mood-enhancing goodness in the body that will make you unstoppable!  Junk food doesn’t do anything for you and sometimes it can do the opposite, it can make you feel worse and tired. 


Set goals for yourself and make future plans!

If you don’t organize what you want to do, your life will begin to become a blur.  Having something to look forward to and achieve is very important to keep your mind busy and motivated. 


Keep your place cozy with a “home sweet home” feeling!  

It is important to be comfortable and happy when your home.  Your space should make you feel good, uplift your mood, and be clean because a mess can cause anxiety whether you realize it or not.  When there’s too much disorder around you it can make your mind messy as well.

Add a bit of character and personalization to your space with plants or art on the wall, anything that makes you feel calm and content.  


Last but not least, mind your thoughts!

Your mind is a very powerful thing.  Take control of it and kick out any bad thoughts letting only good energy remain.  You create your thoughts so you can choose which to keep and which to discard. Master your mind because negative energy makes you tired while positive lifts you higher and higher giving you all the strength you need to conquer the world!


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