Akari and Eugene - Soundscape Journey

12 Feb 2021

Soundscape Journey will take place at Loyfa Natural Resort, performed by Akari and Eugene. These two muscians met on Koh Phangan and found a connection through Kirtan and began to play together.

They describe their performance as a tapestry of music, playing from the heart rather than the head.

Akari’s dharma (soul purpose) is to elevate the consciousness of humanity towards love and freedom of our true nature through practice of yoga, art of music, intentions, commitment to embrace all aspects of ourselves and gifts of life, and becoming a true agent of change for the world that we love to create.

Akari is well known for her Kirtan here on the island and has a voice like an angel.

Eugène Fed is a cello player from Moscow, Russia, a man with a sharp ear and a long bow. From North America to Europe to Asia, the sounds of his cello has helped glue numerous jam bands together, provide much-needed sound healing to dancers and listeners all over, add a touch of low-end smoothness to bands ranging from klezmer to middle eastern to european grassroots folk music.