Want to try some Muay Thai?

12 Feb 2021

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If you are tired of all the Mai Thai cocktails, we challenge you to switch to Muay Thai.

It will shake you up as well, but only in a healthy way.
Traveling through Thailand you've might seen a lot of gyms and Muay Thai stadiums. Though stadium is only a nice world for the same old gym.

Probably you are aware that Muay Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand, maybe you even saw some videos people fighting, but have you ever thought of trying it?
As sad above here you can find a lot of gyms, and they are open to walk-ins. So you can easily join the training.
Usually there are two trainings per day – in the morning and in the evening.

Both of them are for the groups, and newcomers are always welcome – men and women.
The training starts with a 15-minute warm up. Then stretching. After that all people are divided into two groups – the beginners and the advanced.
Beginners get to know all the basic moves of Thai boxing – the kicks, the protection.

While the advanced do some shadow boxing on their own – but always supervised by a trainer.
Usually the training lasts around 2 hours, the average price is 300 THB.

But of course, you can commit and pay in advance for a week – that will be cheaper.

Also some gyms offer their clients a place to stay – so that will be something like a training camp.

So if you want to get fit while on the island (but yoga or jogging in the heat are not your things) – try something completely new and get to know Thailand’s favorite sport. We promise, that it will be quite an intensive experience. But you might like it so much – that even might consider getting a custom-made pair of Muay Thai shorts.

That will be a nice souvenir from a trip. But keep in mind that embroidery takes up to two days.