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What you can do during Songkran on Koh Phangan as a Backpacker

12 Apr 2018

We will soon celebrate the traditional Thai New Year of Songkran 

The famous water ceremony occurs on April 13th to 15th. These three national holiday days are the time for Thai people to spend time with their family, visit Buddhist temples or clean their house. Conversely, Backpackers take this ceremony as an excuse to party!

Let us introduce you to what you have to do during Songkran on Koh Phangan...

It’s the water ceremony so get ready to get wet!

Usually people are having fun with water guns and they paint their bodies with lots of colours.

Everyone heads to Thong Sala and it is only celebrated here on the first day.

At night, there are big parties organised on the beaches, especially on Haad Rin, the Full Moon beach. We recommend the Drop in Bar, the first bar on Haad Rin beach who always throw an awesome Songkran celebration.


If you prefer to enjoy this weekend more calmly you can attend the Buddhist rituals in Wat Phu Khao Noi, the oldest temple on Koh Phangan.

Tips to enjoy Songkran:

Accept to get soaked or stay inside

Use a waterproof bags to protect your valuables

Stay close to where you planned to go (the traffic will be paralysed) and avoid to drive, wet pavement is even more dangerous  

Learn to pronounce “Sawasdee Pee Mai!” to wish the new year in Thai

Have fun and keep smiling!

By Guest Writer Juliette