KP Gems with Leo - Koh Phangan Homemade Ice Cream

9 May 2018

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Well, you are mad if you don’t! It’s the perfect thing to have on a hot day and every day is a hot day here on Koh Phangan!

Koh Phangan Homemade Ice Cream is an island gem located in the area of Maduwan. This is just off of the main Chaloklum road, head away from Thong Sala and just passed the Police Station on your left look out for the sign on the right, follow this and you will find this spot located in beautiful trees and jungle-esque surroundings.

You always know a place is good when the locals eat or drink there and this is no exception, Homemade Ice Cream is no tourist trap, it serves delicious fresh ice cream in an array of Thai and common flavours plus is well known for its Thai savoury dishes as well.

You can enjoy your ice cream from a coconut for a small extra price or just from a glass bowl and they even have proper ice cream spoons!

The flavours depend on what is in season as well as the usual ones such as chocolate, rum and raisin and vanilla. Make sure to try the seasonal flavours like durian and jackfruit! You can even see the jackfruit growing on the trees in the seating area close to the sweet little stream where you can laze away savouring the delicious ice cream with friends.

You can sit under the sweeping trees in cooling shade or in the restaurant with tables and chairs and the staff are friendly and greet you with smiles.

Go on, treat yourself, take an ice cream break during a day seeing the sights of Phangan!